Seagate returns packaging

Transpac are the appointed packaging source for all Seagate/Maxtor disk drive returns within Europe.

We have the following range of disk drive packaging suitable for RMA returns -


Pack Type /Part no

Drive Suitability

Single Pack, A504

Internal Hard Disk Drive 3.5"

2 Pack , A1057

Internal Hard Disk Drive 3.5"

4 Pack , A1058

Internal Hard Disk Drive 3.5

6 Pack , A1085

External Drive       216X135X99 /216X135X65 /216X130X75mm

10 Pack, A1081

Internal Hard Disk Drive 3.5"

10 Pack, A793

Small External Discs Laptop 2.5" Internal Discs

12 Pack, A1082

Internal Hard Disk Drive 3.5"

20 Pack, A905M

Internal Hard Disk Drive 3.5"


Please note that orange highlighted products there is currently no single pack option available, consequently you can only order the multipack variant.

Please ensure that you order the correct variant of 6 pack by checking the dimensions of your product against the data in the drive suitability column

Products offered on this page are specifically for Seagate/Maxtor returns. Should you require information regarding other packaging types, we would welcome the opportunity to provide you with additional details. Please visit our contact page for further information.